Passive Investing

Investing In Real Estate

Do your personal goals align with our strategy?

Like all other investment strategies, it’s important to identify opportunities that align with your personal goals.  Maybe you like high risk - high reward or a more conservative low risk - low reward.  What if you could take advantage of low risk - high reward?

The next key factor to consider is how active you want to be in real estate.  Do you want to control projects through the critical steps of educating, networking, hunting, finding, acquiring, and managing investments?  This can take a lot of time and energy to increase the likelihood of success.  Or is a passive approach more attractive?  If so, aligning with an experienced real estate company is key.  

Our company has been active in the real estate space for over 10 years and the  passive investment partners have achieved steady returns along the way.  We take the time to educate our investors on who we are, what we do, and opportunity progress .  Keep in mind, that is only one side of the equation.  Relationship development is important to us to ensure investor fit while also following SEC Guidelines.  Fit is a simple word we take seriously in all aspects of our operations.  If you’re serious about taking control of your investments, this is a great opportunity to get qualified.    

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  • Find the deal or property
  • Identifying good tenants
  • Managing tenants or finding a good property management company to do it
  • Potentially damage property from tenants.
  • Reduced income from potential vacancies and/or paying a property management company
  • Fielding tenant calls 
  • Maintenance & repairs


  • Passive income (minimal time involved)
  • No dealing with tenants
  • No manual labor renovating properties
  • No dealing with unscrupulous contractors
  • Secure collateral position in marketable and liquid real estate
  • Borrowers do the HARD WORK of finding the collateral
  • Borrowers put THEIR MONEY into lender's collateral
  • Borrowers put THEIR TIME and LABOR into lender's collateral
  • Borrower takes majority of the risk
  • If lender must foreclose, lender makes even more money
  • Multiple loans can be made at one time
  • It is easy and clean work
  • Huge annual industry business loan volume
  • You make money while you are sleeping



Tips for Investing in Commercial Multi-Family Real Estate

Before you start investing, consider these key tips that can help you get started and see higher overall levels of success. 

  • Start by asking questions. Talk to other investors. Work with a real estate expert who understands the commercial multi-family real estate investment process. You want to make sure that you know what you're getting into and what to expect. Set up a Call below.
  • Research past successful real estate investment deals. For example, take a look at our building The Stockbridge and what went into it. By looking at past real estate investment opportunities, you can get a better idea of what others have done and how you can streamline the process for yourself. Don't forget to take a comprehensive look at the numbers, so you are fully prepared. 
  • Get to know the market you're interested in. You need to know what rental rates look like, what types of place people are looking for, and other key information about the local market.
  • Partner with a real estate expert  that can help walk you through the investment process and provide you with more insights into that process.

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Our mission is to enable our clients and partners to preserve wealth through offering impeccable customer and advisory services. As investors, we are in business to make a modest profit on any deal, however we can help homeowners out of just about any situation, no matter what!