Selling a Rehabbed Home? This Strategy Will Help You Sell It Fast!

Selling a Rehabbed Home? This Strategy Will Help You Sell It Fast!

  • Wendy Dickson
  • 12/22/21
“Time is money” is more than just a catchy slogan. It’s almost everything when trying to complete a rehabbed home for fast-selling. The longer you hold onto a property, the more you will have to pay in taxes, insurance, loan repayments, and other utility costs. Additionally, you are indirectly losing money by not recouping your investment and having your money tied up in a property you haven’t sold. But it will be something that will directly impact your bottom line. Essentially, the faster you can complete rehab, the better it is for your business. Make sure you sell your rehab as fast as you can, without compromising integrity.
In order to sell your rehab in a timely and profitable manner, you must first implement a proven strategy. There is no excuse for not having a sales plan ready for when the house is completed. By the time the home is ready for the market, you should already know your marketing strategy. We listed some points to help you with:

Maximize Online Resources

Take the appropriate steps to attract interest prior to putting the house on the market. With the advent of social media and advancements in internet technology, marketing a property has never been easier. Gone are the days when you would have to wait until the weekend to get an ad in the local newspaper. Social media alone can spread the news of your property quicker and much more efficiently than anything else you can do. Additionally, there are many real estate websites where you can place your property. There is no need to wait until the last coat of paint is on the wall to get started. It can be debated as to whether or not you should show the property in an unfinished condition, but there is no reason that you cannot post pictures or even a video of the property well before you are ready to sell.

Price It Right

While you are working on creating interest in the property, you need to think about what price point you are going to list. The condition of the property is important, but nothing is as important as the price. Buyers will compare your property with everyone else that has sold or is currently listed on the market. Despite what you may think of your own property, it is important to leave emotional connections out of the decision. If you list too high, your property will do nothing but collect dust on the market. Not only is this costing you time, but it can have lasting negative effects on the property. Once a realtor or prospective buyer sees an overpriced listing, they may quickly dismiss it and it could take a fairly dramatic price reduction to get them back. If you try to shoot for the moon and set the bar too high, you will lose time and numerous prospective buyers for your property.
If you list at a fair market value, or even below, you can attract the interest you are looking for. Ideally, you will not need to sell for an inflated amount to get the profit you are looking for. Listing on the low side of the market, without giving the property away, will create demand and should give you some buyers to choose from. Making a little less to get the property sold will free up capital for other purchases and grow your business exponentially throughout the year. Every property is different and you need to pick and choose your spots, but if you are looking for a quick sale you need to focus on listing at the right price.

First Impressions Last

Even the best rehabs with the highest quality work will not always sell. You need to give the house life and buyers the feeling they are actually buying a home they can live in. Sometimes all you need to do is stage property or add a few special touches. Every time there is a showing for the property, you need to make sure the house looks perfect. The first impression for a potential buyer means quite a bit. Keeping the temperature warm enough or the choice of light bulbs for each room can make a house feel like a home for some buyers. Everything about the property will be judged – from the smells to the welcome mat.


Maximizing value is always nice, but a quick cash closing at a reduced price may be a better deal than a lender financing deal in 45 days. The speed of the closing will have any residual effects. Time is money on every deal. If you are trying to sell as quickly as possible, you need to think about the big picture.
Otherwise, you may seek out advice and knowledge from quality resources. Ideally, find a mentor that can show you the ropes. Having someone to turn to when you’re reaching your breaking point will be extremely valuable.
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