Interior Home Rehab: Top 4 Most Important Things to Fix Before Selling Your Home

Interior Home Rehab: Top 4 Most Important Things to Fix Before Selling Your Home

  • Wendy Poltorek Dickson
  • 08/16/22
Buyers often look for homes that require few repairs, and no one wants a deal to fall apart because the home inspector found an issue the buyers didn’t even know existed. A little prevention can spare you from the pain of watching a buyer walk away.
Before we enumerate the list, let’s make a crucial distinction between repairs and upgrades or improvements. Upgrades are optional, discretionary ways in which a homeowner tries to maximize the value of her home. Replacing new, good-condition carpeting with hardwood floors, for example, is an upgrade. Replacing old, poor-condition carpeting is a repair. Think of it this way: Upgrades can boost the value of your home. Repairs keep your current value from falling.
Keeping a home in good shape can pay significant dividends when it’s time to sell. Here are some of the home interior rehabs to consider before selling your home.

1. Kitchen and Bathrooms

The kitchen and bathrooms of a home have many mechanical systems, such as plumbing and electrical. That means they also have the highest likelihood of damage. Here are the components you should double-check:


In both the kitchen and bathrooms, everything should be in good condition, free of water damage or rot. Cabinet doors and drawers should open and close smoothly. Fix loose hinges, unclog or replace stuck drawer tracks, and replace broken knobs or handles. You can handle most of these tasks yourself, with a screwdriver and a trip to the hardware store.
If the cabinets are painted, make sure the paint isn’t chipped or peeling. If it is, sand them down and apply a fresh coat. Severely damaged cabinets may need to be replaced, a task that may require a contractor unless you’re skilled at home renovations.

Sinks and Faucets

Water features should run leak-free, and all drains should operate free and clear. The overflow drain, which prevents overfilling a bathtub, should be in good working order. Hot and cold options should operate as marked on the faucets.

Bathtubs and Showers

Fixtures, such as the shower head, should be fully operational, and drains should be free of clogs. If the acrylic on a bathtub is peeling, you may need to resurface the tub or replace it. The exhaust vent, which removes the steam from the shower, should be fully operational. Any broken shower tiles should be replaced.

2. Walls and Ceilings

Repair nail holes and minor dings and dents in the drywall. If you see discoloration, such as water damage that’s been repaired, repaint the walls. Painting is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to refresh a room. Removing wallpaper is recommended since buyers may not share that style.

3. Flooring

From laminate to carpet, everything should be in good condition. Replace any chipped or cracked floor tiles, or refinish scratched or dented hardwood. Replace torn carpeting, or have it steam-cleaned, especially if you have pets.

4. Utilities

HVAC, Water heater system, Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, Electrical panel and circuit breakers, and all other house utilities must be in good working order. Repairs and/or upgrades are mandatory if required upon inspection.
Now that you’re all set to sell your house, you’ll see all these imperfections through the eyes of potential buyers if you ignore the above list. The advice of a professional Realtor is indispensable. Sometimes, people undertake costly repairs or improvements that just are not going to net any return when they sell. So if you need more info on your home interior rehab, talk to us – CPD Homes, LLC! We are buying houses in Cleveland, and have been helping families and homeowners since 2012. We’ve been working with home sellers dealing with – inherited properties, divorce, behind on the mortgage, major repairs needed, sudden move, or for whatever reasons why homeowners sell their homes, CPD Homes is here to help. We buy houses in any condition and in all price ranges! So call us today to discuss your property at (216) 619-4387 –  or click here to drop in your information and we will get back to you with a CASH offer! We are here to assist you!

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